Maple in it’s liquid form!

We have come across some amazing products featuring maple in its liquid form! Here’s our favorite local ones!

No. 01 Movie Night maple sweetened tea from | No. 02 Maple body lotion from | No.03 Maple sap water from (details via ).

Maple syrup being a local treasure combining tons of yummy potential and amazing antioxidant vertues, creative Canadian companies have found original use for it! First of all, David’s Tea offers two delicious options : Movie Night and Oh Canada! (Cabane à sucre in French) both maple flavored. We love this cool way of sipping away maple goodness. B.Kamins is a fantastic skincare line showcasing Bio-Maple as a signature ingredient. If like us, your love the idea of putting a pure compound derived from Mother Nature on your skin, you will love their line! Finally De L’Aubier wins the most original derived maple liquid product. Their Maple sap water is not only good it’s freaking awesome! Put this on the table and your invitees will appreciate this cool original touch!

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