Sticky strawberries!

During the maple madness we always tend to eat super fatty foods paired with sugary maple products. In this simple treat, we have decided to cut some of the excess sugar by pairing maple toffee with fresh strawberries!

1- Simply dip the strawberries into Maple Toffee.

Here you have three options: the grocery store maple toffee (in the picture) which is a cheap and easy way out, making your own maple toffee by boiling down maple sugar at a precise 115ยบ which is rather complicated if you don’t have the proper tools (candy thermometer) + some practice or finally the upscale classy option to get your cider flavored -- maple toffee from . If your bought your toffee, make sure it’s smooth enough to dip in! You may have to microwave it for a few seconds.

2- Want to go a step further and make your kids (or your inner kid) smile? Double dip the strawberries into fizzy sugar! For more info on the popping sugar visit ‘s website . This will make your mouth pop and everyone crack up! Fun guaranteed!

3- By simply placing the strawberries on sticks in a flower pot full of snow, you can create a super cute maple quick fix! Be creative and have the kids paint the wooden sticks or write funny things on them.

This cool and easy snack is perfect for everyone trying not to overdose on a sugar high! Enjoy!

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