Peeps Deconstructed S’mores!

This month we fell in love with Peeps. Actually, we have to admit we had really never paid attention to those cute little treats before…let alone tried them! A few weeks ago we were brainstorming on a cool, quick & easy Easter sweet and after a lot of crazy ideas we came up with this Peeps deconstructed S’mores!

This Easter project will take you less than 5 minutes to make (we promise!),  it’s tons of  fun, super easy and full of surprises! Best of all? It will make kids -or your inner kid- happy!

If you would rather do more traditional Easter Peeps S’mores look out for their cute version!

You will need

  • Jar (microwave safe)
  • Graham wafers
  • Chocolate Easter eggs
  • Peeps

Take a jar that is microwave safe – we simply took preserves jar, something that we always have around the house and it was perfect! A microwave safe glass would work as well, just make sure it’s big enough. Please be careful not to put any metal or other hazardous substance in the microwave.

At the bottom, crumble some graham wafers – we suggest +/- 5 wafers per jar but it’s to your preference.

Add some Easter eggs on top – we used candy covered ones because it adds an extra crunch sensation as you eat it but regular mini chocolate eggs or Easter M&M’s are fine too!

Finally, just add the Peep of your choice – we decided to switch them up so it was more colourful!

NOW the magic happens! Microwave you jar (without the top!!!) for about 30 sec but keep your eyes on it because the Peeps will expand very quickly in the jar. This is super cool to see, we were amazed and it brought out the kids in us so make sure to see that! As quick as they expand, they will cool down and go back to their original size, just in a ”mushier” version. *Do this step right before serving them.

Mix it all up well and enjoy!

*Note: its sticky gooey and a bit messy so be sure to have napkins ready! Trust us: it’s worth it!

Happy Sweet Remedy!

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