About Us

One of us is a mom of two approaching her 40’s, proud owner of a SWEET cakepop company, wearing a size 0 with beautiful blond hair and green eyes. Always on the go and doing a million things at once, she’s a super housewife/mom/entrepreneur. She also loves checking out yummy recipes and sweet packaging. Main psychotic characteristic: extreme stress ball! Solves this issue by BAKING.

The other one of us is a young woman going through a mid-twenties crisis, trying to tour the globe in search of herself, working in event planning & PR, wearing a size 10 with dark brown hair and eyes. Constantly on the look for new restaurants, delicious dishes and travel opportunities, she’s a real craver for independents cafe’s & boutiques with a twist! Main psychotic characteristic: anxious freak! Solves this issue by EATING.