This month it’s all about eggs! Want to learn more about this simple yet instrumental ingredient for all bakers?

Here’s our top 3 best eggalicious books:

1. Eggs-  Michel Roux

This is a classic book where the renowned chef will show you all the different cooking styles you should know when it comes to eggs. We particularly love his technique for meringue and custard!

Available on .



2. The Fresh Egg Cookbook: From Chicken to Kitchen, Recipes for Using Eggs from Farmers’ Markets, Local Farms, and Your Own Backyard- Jennifer Trainer Thompson

We just adore this book dedicated to the freshest eggs out there! Because farmer’s markets and local produces are so important nowadays, let’s celebrate the easily accessible and so versatile eggs!  What’s even cooler? The author is a chicken keeper so she knows what she’s talking about!

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3. The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Breakfast to Dessert – Marie Simmons

This James Beard Award winning guide to cooking with eggs is perfect to learn how to master the basics and so much more! In the words of celebrated food writer M.F.K. Fisher, “eggs have been massacred for as long as people knew about pots and pans.” This book simply gives glory back to the egg!

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When we started the blog, we decided to have one sweet related ingredient for each month. Being from Canada, it only made sense to pick Maple for our first blogging month in March. Afterwards we made a list of our sweet ingredients for the next few months and decided on eggs for April. The obvious relation to Easter was a reason but also the fluffy decadent egg based sweets like meringue that reminded us of spring… Then we got hit by : beautiful colored eggs followed by issue featuring… gorgeous eggs on its cover as well. We thought we had to change our ingredient and do something more different but we were already so inspired so we said what the hen *pun intented* let’s stick to eggssssss!

That being said, here’s our inspiration board for April:

No.01 Free Easter Printables by Mooo – find them | No.02 Message in an egg by Poppytalk – look at the tutorial | No.03 Bacon and Eggs ”we’re sizzling togheter” blank card by maddesign – available on | No.04  DIY Neon dip-dyed eggs by Oh Joy! – learn how to make it . (Photography by ) | No.05 Italian meringue by Gourmet Traveller – read the recipe . (Photography by William Meppem) | No.06  Porcelain Egg Planters (Wheat Grass Kit) by EcoElements - available on | No.07 Do these Ears Make Me Look Fat Chocolate Bar by – available at .


Maple in it’s liquid form!

We have come across some amazing products featuring maple in its liquid form! Here’s our favorite local ones!

No. 01 Movie Night maple sweetened tea from | No. 02 Maple body lotion from | No.03 Maple sap water from (details via ).

Maple syrup being a local treasure combining tons of yummy potential and amazing antioxidant vertues, creative Canadian companies have found original use for it! First of all, David’s Tea offers two delicious options : Movie Night and Oh Canada! (Cabane à sucre in French) both maple flavored. We love this cool way of sipping away maple goodness. B.Kamins is a fantastic skincare line showcasing Bio-Maple as a signature ingredient. If like us, your love the idea of putting a pure compound derived from Mother Nature on your skin, you will love their line! Finally De L’Aubier wins the most original derived maple liquid product. Their Maple sap water is not only good it’s freaking awesome! Put this on the table and your invitees will appreciate this cool original touch!

March and Maple

Here we go! What a better way to kick off our blog with the sweetest ingredient of all?! With the sticky gooey season starting, we couldn’t have picked a yummier treat for March. Here is our inspiration board for the month – regrouping some of our favorite local products. Let’s start our March Maple Madness! See below for details.

Maple Leaf picture from | Ice Cream Maple & Taffy ice cream from , picture via | Macarons Maple and bacon french macarons from | Purse Leather and canvas Messenger Bag from | Cake Maple cake baked in a can recipe from , picture via .