NYC sweet guide {part 2}

To continue our sweet discoveries in NYC here are our favorite spots in the following areas:


No.01 Balthazar Bakery

Right next door to the classic Balthazar restaurant, the bakery is a mini heaven for bread lovers! Hop in and order one of their many amazing pastries or bread with a coffee to go and go pig out on one of the benches right outside. During spring time, try out the strawberry rhubarb galette made with caramelized rhubarb with fresh strawberries in a puff pastry shell! I promise some finger licking will follow!

80 Spring St, New York

*After this sweet treat, cross the street and make sure to visit ! This cookware/cutlery/dinnerware/bakeware store is really lovely and carries quite a big selection of various foodie items and super cute party stuff! If you’re a freak like me, plan an hour for this one!

No.02 Rice to Riches

We hadn’t planned to visit this spot but when we walked in front, we were too intrigued to resist! Honestly it’s worth the detour just for the quirky tag lines you can read around the shop. If you’re into rice pudding it’s a plus I guess! On this visit, I tried the cheesecake flavor with a jam topping. It wasn’t bad but I have to admit I started feeling a bit sick after 2 bites. Next time, I would probably take a more basic (not as rich) flavor and maybe play more on the toppings. For me, Rice to Riches is all about the experience, perfect for tourists visiting town!

37 Spring St, New York 10012

Lower East Side

No.03 Doughnut Plant

ALDOUGH* (pun intended) growing up I’ve never been a fan of Dunkin Donuts and donuts in general, I now have a new found passion for them! I was super excited to go visit the Doughnut Plant (even if it was under construction when we were there) so these are the flavors I tried for breakfast on our last day in the city: hazelnut (yeast), peanut butter glaze filled with blackberry jam (doughseed), crème brûlée (filled) and tres leches (cake doughnut). OMG those were orgasmic! We were fighting over the best one… my bf’s favorite was the crème brûlée whilst I loved the simplicity of the big comforting hazelnut but also really enjoyed the baked tres leches with more subtile flavors. Forget whatever we say and go judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

379 Grand Street, New York 10002

No.04 Baby Cakes

Babycakes rocks because it offers Vegans a sweet dose of sugar but its offers much more with all-natural, organic and amazing alternatives free from the common allergens (wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs). In fact their cupcakes and cakes are sweetened with agave and you can pick in between gluten-free or spelt (dairy+egg+soy free). So if you or a loved one suffers from a lack of cupcakes or doughnuts due to some health restrictions this super cute bakery with a fifties flare with change your life! If you’re like me and you don’t have any restrictions, it’s always good to know the sweets are actually made with ingredients that are good for us!

248 Broome St, New York 10002

Don’t be disappointed not to find Momofuku Milk Bar yet as we will be talking about their Brooklyn location in a few days! Come back for our Brooklyn sweet guide next week!

Unfortunately (although fortunately for my waist) here is a list of cool spots on our list that we didn’t have a chance to do this time: Doughboy Bake Shop, Crumbs Cake Shop, Almondine, Papabubble, Peels, Amy’s Bread and Levain Bakery.

Please let us know about YOUR favorite NYC sweet spots!

*And, YES, by the end of the week-end we had a major overdose of sugar, canker sores, digestion problems, etc. but we loved every BITE of it!

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